Jeri Suzette, owner of The Cake Suzette, is a passionate baker and decorator of cakes, and loves everything cake related! She creates gorgeous cakes with the best organic ingredients, covered and topped in a selection of delicious buttercreams and beautiful hand-piped flowers.

With a degree in Economics from The University of Pittsburgh, Jeri had a successful career on Wall Street. However, after getting married to her beloved husband, she decided on a second career and decided to follow her passion to create beautiful cakes that make people happy!

Jeri completed her culinary training at The New School in their Master Chef and Master Baker programs. After cake decorating classes at the Institute for Culinary Education (ICE), Jeri was selected for a successful internship with Carlos Bakery which is best known as the Cake Boss.

The Cake Suzette was born in NYC in 2010, and Jeri’s dramatic and vibrant buttercream flowers have quickly become her signature. Each cake is unique and hand crafted according to the client’s wishes. The best reward for Jeri is seeing her client’s wow expression when the cake is unveiled for their event.

Since moving from NYC to SW Florida, Jeri has raised the bar, perfecting her curated recipes, and developing new delicate, bejeweled-like flowers. She considers her floral designs to be an expression of what is in her heart.

The Cake Suzette provides one-of-a-kind, scrumptious cakes to corporate as well as private clients for weddings, engagements, birthdays and all special occasions in the SW Florida area.

Jeri Suzette lives in the greater Naples area with her husband and their adorably delicious puppy, Blueberry.

Thank you for visiting The Cake Suzette website. Please visit again and if you happen to see Jeri frolicking thru town, please wave hello !


So many have asked about the name “Suzette” ... Well legend has it that my brother Levi 3rd and my eldest sister Denise carefully selected this name for their baby baby sister. Although my parents decided upon the name Jeri, they selected my chosen middle name to be Suzette. I truly LOVE this name which is why I use it for my CAKE life! Although Denise didn’t get to know this, Levi LOVED the name “CAKE SUZETTE”, I certainly hope they were proud of me ... ♥️🕊

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But when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life. - Proverbs 13:12

Celebrate well and celebrate often!  I love the anticipation of getting together with my favorite loved ones and friends to have a wonderful time of celebration which, of course, includes a fabulous cake!  I love delicious food, beautiful flowers, and lots of laughter!  So, if you love cake like me, treat yourself to a luscious cake, rich in flavor, and prepared with pure ingredients without preservatives or aftertaste. 

Organic. Real Butter. Real Eggs.  Absolutely No Preservatives. 
No Aftertaste.  Delicious.  Curated especially for you, to savor with each bite. Be good to yourself, and your tastebuds.  


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“You don't have to love cooking to cook, but you have to do more than love baking to bake. You have to bake out of love.”
- Tom Junod.

Jeri Price of Cake Suzette is the real deal!!! She literally bakes out of love and you can feel that warm hug anytime you sample one of her cakes. I believe I have tried them all... red velvet, carrot, her pound cake (which is incredible!!!), chocolate and yellow cake. All are made with love and beautifully presented with her famous edible buttermilk flowers as a topping. They are created with organic ingredients, and Jeri is amenable to custom making anything depending on allergies, preferences, flavors, presentation. She CARES about her clients and won’t create anything without getting to know who and what the occasion is to allow for that personal touch. She hand delivers all her cakes to ensure satisfaction and perfection. Jeri is one of the most personable and professional persons I’ve met here in Florida, but then again, she stems from NYC and so do I! I adore her authenticity, her drive to please, and her connection to the clients she creates for. She takes pride in her work, and it is certainly worthy of praise! Hey, Jeri... after this review, I’m craving a cake... anything without nuts!!! (Food allergy!) 
Love you and so proud of your success!  - Joyce Kopidakis


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